Thursday, March 22, 2012

Are you "Already Amazing"? (Giveaway)

"No, no. Maybe somebody like Holley Gerth is already amazing, but not me." you say. "How could I possibly be amazing? I don't do anything! I have nothing to offer anybody."

I have no doubt that some of you would say things like this. I probably used to say things like this. But after encountering our all loving God and getting to know Him better I think it less and less.

In her new book You're Already Amazing: Embracing Who You Are, Becoming All God Created You to Be Holley Gerth lays out the biblical foundation for how God sees you and how He wants to help you develop your potential.

Written as if Holley was talking to a good friend the book offers practical tips on how to think in new ways and figure out God's plan for your life-the plan that will help you help the most people. The book walks women through many of their common insecurties and hag ups and how to overcome them.

I loved the style of the book with it's sections to pause and reflect on different things. I also enjoy the authors style of writing and sense of humor. It made the book very enjoyable.

We are all special. We all have talents and gifts. I highly recommend this book to help anyone who is struggling to figure out their next step in making the best use of theirs.

(As for my next may no longer include writing this blog. Perhaps after one final post explaining some of the reasons why.)

And also I won't leave you hanging without one last giveaway. I have one copy of the book for a lucky reader who leaves a comment or sends me an e-mail at I will keep entries open until 8pm this Saturday.

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Megan @ Here to Find Him said...

I feel very blessed to have found your blog and would love to see you continue but if God is leading you in a different direction, that is the way you should go. Also, the book sounds great. I look forward to seeing who wins :)

Have a blessed day!